Project nr 300120
Project nr 300120
Uruguay, Montevideo Harbour
9 tanks with a capacity of 1000 to 6000 m3 built with Nordweld equipment
Steel staircases manufactured & assembled by TLC

Our product

Nordweld Tank Building System is a ground-breaking onsite system designed for the erection of large above ground atmospheric and pressured tanks, which enables the construction of tanks with a diameter of 8 to 50 meters and a weight up to 700 tons. The maximum height depends upon the ratio between the diameter, height and lifting weight.

Nordweld Tank Building System is modular and the amount of equipment depends on the size, type and material of the tank. By using the top-down method, you gain stability from the roof and good weather protection during the erection process. The entire tank is rotating during the installation of the sheets and during the welding progress. All welding can be mechanized and preformed from a single point at ground level.

All components are stored and transported in 20ft HC shipping containers for efficient handling of the equipment.

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