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Nordweld founder and project leader
Niklas Nordin
Founder and project leader
30 years of experience in the tank building industry. Climbed the career ladder from a welder to CEO. Contact: niklas.nordin@nordweld.se
Nordweld founder and project leader
Lennart Karlsson
Founder and project leader
45 years of experience as a mechanical engineer in pressure vessel design for numerous industires. Contact: lennart.karlsson@nordweld.se
Nordweld founder and sales director
Thomas Lingefelt
Founder and sales director
Construction engineer. Works in building industry since 1988. Over 22 years of experience as a manager. Co-founder of TLC Group. Contact: t.lingefelt@tlc.eu
Nordweld founder and development director
Jacek Czech
Founder and development director
Over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing department in building and construction industry. Co-founder of TLC Group. Contact: j.czech@tlc.eu
Nordweld production manager
Jakub Łęcki
Production manager
Certified manager with 6 years of experience and over 10 years of experience in oil and gas industry as a design engineer. Contact: l.lecki@tlc.eu
Łukasz Kowalczyk
Łukasz Kowalczyk
Key Account Manager
Over 14 years oil and gas extensive and multi-skilled project employment history, working worldwide in both field and office-based operations. Contact: l.kowalczyk@nordweld.eu

Our story

Our story

Niklas Nordin has been working with tank building since the beginning of 1990. When he started using the new generation of MIG/MAG welding methods of construction instead of traditional stick welding rods, he came up with the idea of rotating the entire tank and to mechanise the welding process.

In 1999 he started designing and developing the 1st generation of the Nordweld equipment. With a great help of Lennart Karlsson (mechanical design engineer with over 25 years experience) the new equipment has been developed and succesfully tested and refined over the following years. In 2014 they developed the 3rd generation and the current edition of the system. They focused on maximising the tank capacity and other improvements, with a focus on the systems flexibility and easy handling of the equipment.

In 2017 the Nordweld Tank Building System was founded in partnership with TLC Group from Poland. In 2018 together they developed a wheel trolley to our lift jacks for easier coil building construction.

Our qualities

We are focused on delivering high-quality product that not only meet the requirements of our clients but also go beyond current trends. We never cease to search for new inspirations and solutions. We understand the value of time and money, therefore we provide a complete product that does not require any additional equipment like cranes or scaffoldings. Trustworthy technology, and safe and reliable equipment are a guarantee of our clients' satisfaction and trust which is our top priority.


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