Find out where Nordweld's Tank Building System is made

TLC company headquarters and Nordweld production plant

TLC’s production plant is located in Gorlice, Poland. The company employs over 250 people and manufactures over 5 thousand tons of steel constructions a year.

Nordweld TBS partnered up with TLC company in 2017. Since then, TLC's modern machinery park is also used to assemble and prepare components for Nordweld's Tank Building System. High quality steel and machiner parts from top suppliers are a guarantee of reliability and safety of its users. 

TLC's modern machinery park allows to maintain the highest technological standards and to produce high tolerance parts by using plasma and laser cutting for both plates and pipes. With specialized CNC driven bending and rolling machines, TLC has the possibility to produce items that are precise and match each other perfectly. When it comes to welding machines, the process is automated and fulfills international standards. Highly qualified personnel guarantees that every product leaving TLC’s production hall is made with care and attention to all details.

Nordweld’s Tank Building System ensures professional and complex realizations of multi-million tank projects from all around the world. Each component is assembled, and prepared to operate in every weather condition.

Nordweld and TLC's aim is to make sure that the final product is reliable, safe and will meet the needs of its clients. 

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