Nordweld Tank Building System in Belgium

Nordweld Tank Building System in Belgium

We have helped to build two storage tanks at one of the Belgian shipyards. These two twin constructions are destined to store juice. 

The tanks were built using the top-down method. This means that at first, two shell rings are being welded, followed by construction of the roof. Then, the construction is lifted each time the next shell ring is finished until the entire tank construction is finished.

90% of the work is done automatically with the process of welding being mechanised.

What are the parameters of the tanks we helped to build in Belgium?

  • Diameter: 20,2 m
  • Height: 23,2 m
  • Capacity: 6500 m3
  • Weight: 125 tons
  • Material: stainless steel LDX 1.4162

The tanks were built from 10.2 m long steel plates, which were bent and then inserted into wheel trolleys. The plates were welded using ArcTig method to provide high quality standards.

If you wonder how the Nordweld Tank Building System works, visit our Technology subpage.