Nordweld TBS - an Innovation in the Industry

Tank Building System in industrial area

Steel storage tanks are part of almost every industry as one can store numerous known contents, i.e. chemicals, oil, gas, food, pulp, waste, water etc.

They are generally made of all kinds of steel depending on the content that is to be stored. The material in the tanks is selected to avoid corrosion, and to minimize the final cost of the tanks. This could be done by choosing material with high mechanical properties.

The traditional method of erecting storage tanks requires a qualified group of engineers, a crane to lift the elements of the tank and a scaffolding for the crew to get to the top of the construction. This requires a lot of space, money and time to erect new steel tanks.

Niklas Nordin and Lennart Karlsson are the creators of the Nordweld Tank Building System. Nordin has been working in the tank building industry since 1988, and Karlsson is a mechanical design engineer with over 40 years of experience.

In 1999, Nordin and Karlsson have developed and successfully tested the 1st generation of this system. The main idea was that the entire tank was rotated and mechanically welded.

For the next few years, Nordin used and constantly developed the system. In 2014, Nordin and Karlsson developed the 3rd and current generation, with focus on maximizing tank capacity, system flexibility and easy handling.

In 2017, they have founded Nordweld TBS, a company partnering up with TLC Sp. z o.o. Architectural Metalwork from Poland.

In 2018, Nordweld TBS has developed an additional method, namely a wheel trolley for easier coil building construction.

The Tank Building System is a standalone method that is available for rent at any time, dedicated to every tank building company. This innovative system lets you save money and time on your projects investment. Furthermore, as you don't need a crane or a scaffolding thanks to a top-down construction method, tanks can be built safer at ground level and in cramped industrial areas.

The system comes to the customer in a cargo container and includes everything you need to start erecting steel tanks. Moreover, at request a well-qualified consultant can be present on the construction site to help you set-up the equipment and help in case of any issues.

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