Nordweld TBS hits South America!

Nordweld Tank Building System in Brazil

Nordweld's Tank Building System has been rented in 2017 and 2018 to Brazil to erect four new orange juice storage tanks. Oranges, coffee, bananas and sugar canes are top resources exported worldwide from Brazil.

In 2017 and 2018, Nordweld has rented and delivered the Tank Building System to Brazil, where four new juice storage tanks are being erected. Their consultant was present on-site to support and supervise the process.

The tanks are built by a local company and are 28.3m high and 21m wide with total weight of approx. 210 metric tons. The material used for the tanks is duplex stainless steel LDX 1.4162 with internal surfaces grinded and polished to maximum of Ra0.8.

The steel is provided first from coil (up to 6mm thick) and then from flat sheets (from 7 to 13,5mm thick). Using steel from coil requires only one vertical joint, whereas using flat steel sheets allows to make all the vertical joints, except for the final one, while the circumferential joint of the previous course is being done.

Lift jacks used in Brazil are equipped with Nordweld’s Wheel Trolleys which makes welding of lifting lugs to the shell redundant.

The Tank Building System developed by Nordweld is very efficient as the material is continuously tack welded to the previous course while the material is fed in. As the circumferential joints are plasma welded, tack welding of the course is made with no gaps. For vertical joints manual TIG-welding is being used.

For more information on how to rent Nordweld’s Tank Building System contact Niklas Nordin: