Brazil 2017

Construction site of an range juice steel tank with Nordweld's technology

Nordweld Tank Building System was rented to help erect steel storage tanks for orange juice in Brasil. The system once again proved to be perfectly operating even in hot and humid climate of South America.

Our job was to deliver the product and supervise the process of building tanks with our innovative method. As always, the system was delivered to the customer in a standard container where every necessary part of Tank Building System was included. The tank was ready much faster than it would be if the traditional method was used.

Technical details concerning the realization:

  • The tank is 28.3m high and 18.6m wide.
  • Base material: Duplex stainless steel LDX 1.4162.
  • Internal surface was grinded and polished to a maximum of 0.8a.
  • Material was fed in from coil.