Sweden 2017

Sweden 2017


In the spring/summer of 2017 our equipment was used for a project in Sweden.

This tank was built inside of an old tank with a diameter of 38m.

The new tank was 28m in diameter, 14m in height and with a total weight of 159 metric tons.

Base material: Duplex stainless steel LDX 1.4162

Our standard system was used including our mechanized system for welding.

Welding method: Mechanized MIG/MAG (solid wire and FCW).

In this case our system showed one of its merits, only one opening in the bottom course of the old tank was needed for the transport of the sheets. All sheets were loaded on the roller bed at the same location and rotated until the course was completed.

The roof was equipped with a handrail at the periphery and a 5m2 platform.¬† Access to the roof was by a spiral stair tower. This was delivered by TLC.