It's simple. Contact us and we will discuss all the details. The product may be rented for the time of the construction process, or you can buy the components. You will receive the complete system that does not require any additional equipment.

The Tank Building System is delivered to our customers in a cargo container. If the storage steel tank construction plan requires more components, we pack the additional pieces to the second container.

Everything is well-organized before packing inside the cargo container, which simplifies the unloading process and protects the cargo from moving when shipping by sea.

The system consists of Lift Jacks, Tank Rotators, Tack Weld Stand, Roller Bed or Trolley, Welding Station, container and additional tools needed to set-up Tank Building System.

Yes, we have prepared an instruction that tells you how to assemble/dismantle/use our system. What's more, if required our well-qualified consultant will be present on the construction site to supervise the construction process and help you in case of any doubts that may come out during the system set-up.

You do not need any additional equipment. Our innovative system allows building steel storage tanks in a top-down manner which makes scaffoldings and cranes redundant.

No, the process is automated and you only need people to look after the process and operate the machine. In case of any issues, our onsite consultant will be more than happy to help.

Normally, welding machines are not included.

For rent, we need the following data: diameter, height and weight of the tank, and in case where the height exceeds the diameter two times, also wind conditions.


In case of purchasing quote, contact us as we need to understand your needs in details.

In this case we need information regarding the material grade of the tank shell, thickness and the maximum weight at each lift (this is to calculate the surface pressure between the plate edge and the trolley wheels).

It depends on the size of the tank. A 20m diameter tank will take approximately two to three days to assemble and the same amount of time to dismantle. 

Yes, our system can be delivered anywhere in the world ex. works Gorlice, Poland. We arrange the delivery to European ports.

Custom clearance, including the costs, is on customers side. 

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